5% for POW!

Ski season is here in the Canadian Rockies, and we couldn't be more excited for another winter of shredding, flying, and crashing with great people! We truly are lucky to be able to experience the beauty that winter provides, whether that looks like pow laps in Banff, snowshoeing in Kananaskis, or just tobogganing close to home! Winter is such a special time of the year, yet every year it feels like winter also highlights the impact of climate change on everybody's lives. Whether we look to the glaciers and see the accelerated recession of these icy giants, or to coastal territories facing a greater threat of flooding every year, it is undeniable we need to take action on climate change. That's why we've made the decision to donate 5% of all sales directly to Protect Our Winters (or POW for short!) POW is an organization dedicated to fighting climate change through cultural, political, and technological change! So join us this winter as we shred some sweet pow for POW!